Sylvain Guyot was born in 1976 in Nice (French Riviera). He spent all his childhood
in Provence between his parent’s place in Cagnes-sur-Mer, located not far from the Domaine Renoir, and the countryside house of his mother’s side grand-parents at le Tholonet (Bouchesdu- Rhône), neighbours of Château Noir painted by Paul Cézanne. In the process of his artistic self-education, Sylvain has been continuously exposed to Mediterranean light and colours, as well as to exceptional art places like art museums (Chagall, Matisse, Picasso or Fondation Maeght).

After having studied geography at University of Provence, Sylvain left to South Africa
between 2000 and 2002 to do his PhD. He was then based at University of Zululand in the
subtropical province of KwaZulu-Natal. Fascinated by the pace, the colours and the intense
contrasts of this country, echoing an intimate difficult experience, Sylvain has started to
paint in August 2001 in an improvised studio in his house of Richards Bay. Trying to overcome some of these daily injustices, these paintings took immediately the form of colourful abstraction underlining the strength of the South African field. This creation has since then continued in his flats of Grenoble, Alice (in South Africa, during a postdoctoral residence at University of Fort Hare in 2005) and Limoges.

Artistic options go to colours, acrylics and flax canvas as well as to various techniques
(plating; paper and grass massaging) and tools (ruler, sponge and liquids). Geographer and traveller, Sylvain gives to his paintings a nomad dimension, illustrating the strength of his daily life, inspirited by an aesthetical perspective.

Sylvain is revisiting according to a lyrical perspective the movement and colors used by abstract expressionists.

His last work is about cartography and art on South African, Chilean and Israeli/Palestinian territories. Last series are on the world geography of Limoges and on Montana.

Recent exhibitions:
December 2011: Limoges

May 2012 (18th to 25th): Moulin de Cézanne, Le Tholonet

September 2012 : « Art & Landscape, Landscape of Art », Route Cézanne, Le Tholonet

December 2012 : Limoges

February 2013: Art & Geography Conference, Musée des Moulages, Lyons

January & April-May 2014: University of Limoges (Faculty of Law & Faculty of Humanities)

April 2014: Cape Town (South Africa)

September & October 2014: Château de Saint-Auvent

Spring 2015 : Art en Fac (Limoges)

March 2016 : Exposition Cartologies, Strasbourg

May-June 2016 : Galerie 8/7, Limoges

July-August 2016: Château de Saint-Auvent

29 septembre au 21 décembre 2016 – Stellenbosch (South Africa) – 


20 juin au 15 septembre 2017 : EXARMAS *1*, Maison des Suds, Pessac

29 septembre au 1er octobre 2017 : Festival International de Géographie de Saint Dié des Vosges

29 septembre 2017 : Nuits des chercheurs, Cap Sciences, Bordeaux


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